Water for Elementary Teachers of Science in Nebraska (Nebraska WETS)

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Project OverviewNE WETS V2 (2)
The Water for Elementary Teachers of Science in Nebraska (Nebraska WETS) project involves a sustained professional development program designed to support elementary teachers to implement instruction that supports K-5 students’ learning about water systems. The professional development program is intended to accomplish three explicit objectives: to a) improve elementary teachers’ knowledge of water systems; b) support teachers’ use of standards, assessment, and other instructional tools to plan for and implement science instruction based in water systems; and c) positively impact student achievement (i.e., students’ learning about water systems). The project is part of the newly-launched Science Literacy Initiative through UNL’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR), which will foster science literacy in the state of Nebraska through a focus on food, fuel, and water systems, and the Nebraska Collaborative for Food, Energy, & Water Education. The project involves a partnership between UNL’s College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR), College of Education and Human Sciences (CEHS), and the Hastings Public Schools (HPS; Nebraska ‘high-needs’ LEA). A wide assortment of data will be analyzed to evaluate the impact of the professional development program on teacher and student outcomes aligned with project objectives as part of a rigorous evaluation. The project is research-based, supports preexisting goals of improving science teaching and learning in Nebraska, and is aligned with both state and national science education reform efforts.

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Project Personnel
Cory Forbes – Principal Investigator

Tonya Bernadt– Education and Outreach Specialist, National Drought Mitigation Center, School of Natural Resources, UNL, Co-Investigator

Tina Vo – Tina Vo is an Assistant Professor of Science Education at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV). She was a graduate research assistant on the NE WETS project from 2015-2017.

Project Publications

Project Presentations
Forbes, C.T., Vo, T., & Bernadt, T. (2015, Sept). Supporting students’ learning about water: Model-based scientific inquiry. Presentation at the annual meeting of the Nebraska Association of Teachers of Science (NATS), Fremont, NE.